Movie Genre Cliches

i am currently studying the thriller genre. some of the things that happen in every thriller film are

  • Conspiracy thriller- usually starts with a crime being commited then someone who didn’t do it gets blamed or someone notices something wrong with the police report
  • Phycological thriller- usually has person who is seeing something or someone or has forgotten something
  •   Genius thriller- really smart person solves crime that cant be solved with brute force.
  • horror thriller- someones under a bed then a foot comes into frame and the person yelps.

The best movies from 2008-2016

2008- in Bruges- i chose this film because it was a good comedy in an age where comedies are pretty bad.

2009- Drag me to hell- a good for some weird reason pg-13 horror movie. i wouldn’t let a 13 year old watch it.

2010- Shutter island- twist is crazy and so unexpected.

2011- Drive- flopped at the box office but such a good movie the story line is great.

2012- The cabin the woods- not scary just funny as hell.

2013-horns- great movie.

2014- whiplash- scarier then any horror movie could be-


2015- Mad Max Fury Road- good remake, never thought i would say that-

2016- hush- good horror movie-